August 14, 1801 Kalundborg - May ±6, 1853 (missing) Kherson
Collegiate assessor, veterinarian

Lines: Borchsenius

Wife: Anastasia Matveevna

Children: Nikolai Borchsenius

Biografy Edit

He graduated from the Royal Veterinary School in Copenhagen in 1824, the corresponding document was drawn up as December 30, 1824 (Diploma). Diploma kept in inventory RGVIA fund 316 63 438 case sheets 1-2.

He moved to Russia, probably in 1825, although he did not take Russian citizenship. He was a Lutheran. For handling convenience, apparently, was called Fedor Vladimirovich (he took his middle name (Frederick) and the middle name of his father (Valdemar)).

He graduated from the course of studies in the Imperial Medical and Surgical Academy in Saint Petersburg and was appointed veterinarian April 19, 1829.

Regarding the petition of the chief manager of the War Ministry Otto Frederik was determined to serve in the army operating against the Turks appointed doctor for specific instructions for the field General Doctor of the 2nd Army May 6, 1829.

Otto Frederik was in acting army camp at the city Vyvk in 1829. He took part in the suppression of the Polish revolt in 1831, from January 25 to October 22.

Promoted to the rank of Senior Veterinarian May 19, 1837.

Promoted to the rank of Titular councillor with seniority of 14 May 1838 (27 February 1841).

For adaptation to the practice rules for the treatment of rinderpest Otto Frederik was granted an official gratitude (№9353) by Department of Appanages November 14, 1842.

For a while he lived in Sengiley (Simbirsk province).

Promoted to the rank of Collegiate assessor with seniority of 14 May 1846 (3 August 1848). Dismissed from service under the application at 19 June 1848.

Appointed Veterinarian to the Kherson Local Stable 22 February 1849.

Declared Missing May 6, 1853.

Orders & medals Edit

  • Silver medal for the Turkish War of 1828-1829
  • Polish insignia of military dignity of the 4th class

Sources Edit

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Unexplored Edit

  1. Katič Ivan
 Dansk-russiske veterinaere forbindelser 1796-1976 Kopenhagen 1982 Reihe/Series: Nordisk veterinaer medicin